What We Do


STEP #1 Needs & Wants

WE Development listens to you to better understand your priorities, needs, wants, goals, and budget for your project. We make time to meet with you to conduct an on-site feasibility study.


This on-site evaluation allows us to talk through the details of your project as well as provide you with clear guidance moving forward.


Step #2: Proposal Creation & Connections

Once your on-site evaluation has been completed, WE Development turns your vision into a detailed proposal, breaking down the cost of materials, labor, and more. We map out the total scope of the work ahead and provide you with a list of the experts that fit your design needs.


Step #3: Models & More

When your chosen design experts are ready to begin the initial design process, WE Development conducts a structure and mechanical assessment. Based on that assessment, we assemble conceptual floor plans and 3D models across a variety of budget ranges, allowing you to choose a project design plan that suits your preferences and budget.


Step #4: Final Steps

After reviewing your preferred design plan, WE Development will submit all documents required to begin construction. At this time, you’ll be introduced to the experts picked specifically for you and your project. WE Development will remain on hand to manage the process for you, seeing your project from concept to completion.


WE Development

Helping your dream take shape is a big deal. At WE Development, we pride ourselves on being able to simplify the process to make it more enjoyable for you along the way.


Ready to turn your dreams into reality? We can't wait to help you do exactly that!